All Commercial structures like Shopping Centres, Car Dealer Ships, Warehousing, Mining Facilities, Hospitals, Office Blocks, Guest Houses, Hotels and Casino’s either a Main Contracts, Steelwork Contractors, Shopfitting Contractors, Design & Supply Contractors or as any combination of above.


Because of all the greater good elements that we believe in and not repeating ourselves, we are finding ourselves regularly in a position where we do not have continuity of work.

The reason therefore is that, without implementing the all-in approach as explained, our tenders are evaluated against other Contracting Companies and sad to say, in the economic environment currently, some of them work below cost. By the time that we became aware of a tender, it is usually too late to advise the Client on the facts that with a Provisional Bill on the Main Contractor and Provisional sums on Sub Contracting work, (usually much more than the work of the Main Contractor in value), that nobody knows where the completed Project costs will end up at the end of the day.

It is always interesting to note that before tender adjudication Clients and Consultants are so strict regarding the lowest tender appointments, but they never do the hindsight calculation after the Project is completed, and usually, if that was done, they will note that a delay claim or “adventurous” claims from the Main Contractor and his Sub- Contractors exceed the initial bid by a team player- Contractor by far.

The fee scale of Consultants might be negotiated, but also the limits of their obligations, and without a Contractor limiting Consulting involvement, these fees can fluctuate a lot as well.

Therefore we cannot work our magic, it is too late and the process of lowest bidder is irreversible.

2. THE SECOND REASON  why we sometimes run out of work is the fact that our biggest asset is also our biggest crux.

Because we are so committed to our goals and to the Project of a Client, we are only concentrating on that for that period of time. By doing so, we are “unavailable” to the rest of the Market and therefore continuity of work becomes the penalty for our dedication to any one Project or rather to one Client.

No sympathy needed, we know exactly what we are doing and if that is the price to pay, we are willing to do so. We can look back to a record of excellence and never finishing any Project late ever with the best relationships between us, fellow Contractors, Consultants , Suppliers and of course Clients . This will always be our downfall until such time that we can change the “conventional” way of tendering to the “sensible” way to look at us as a Group.


By incorporating this approach of “the Contractor must take the responsibility” vs. “Consultants must overlook a Contractor”, we understand that with many Contractors this approach will not work. We strongly suggest against it, but this approach works with the LEM GROUP, we are structured for this approach, and that is the point.

Do we want to cut Consultants fees?

No, we want them to be paid for their services, like we are getting paid for our services. But there is nothing more frustrating than to see the Client lose money and continually transgresses contractually because he, unaware as he may be, is responsible for the actions of his Consultants.

Therefore the normal Contractor jumps on this transgressions and claim delays and additional costs because of these Consultant actions. The Client therefore becomes a party in something that he did not create (Consultants did) and becomes enemies with a party (The Contractor) that he have no option but to. The conventional way of appointing a Contractor might have made sense a long time ago, but just like the telegraph system used to make sense communication wise, we believe that something like Facebook is a much more viable option today.

In short, we do not have shortcomings except too care to much, plan too much and taking the other Parties responsibilities into account too much.

That is shortcomings that we are willing to bear.


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