The LEM GROUP is a trade name for a combination of well established Companies that specializes in all aspects of Construction and Consulting services in the Building Industry, with a diversified field of experience and skills to the benefit of our Clients.

LUDICK CONSTRUCTION (PTY) Ltd (established in 2005) is a Company that usually fulfill the Main/ Principal Contractor function in our Group specializing in the conventional wet trades disciplines like earthworks, concrete, masonry, tiling and so forth. This Company have extensive skills ranging from Shopping Centres (our preferred Projects), revamping of Shopping Centres, Concrete structures like Oncology Bunkers, Cooling towers, Hospitals, Showrooms, Mine related works, specialised installations and related fields.

BRAAM STAAL CC is a subsidiary steelwork related Company that is in existence from 1988 (28 years and counting) which specialises in Steelwork and sundry steelwork. When we can, and we absolutely advise to make use of the opportunity, we combine Braam Staal with the strength of Ludick Construction, and then the Main Contractor have full control over any Project, having the Main Contractor and a Steelwork Contractor under one umbrella, sharing overheads to the benefit of the Client. The strengths of Braam Staal are legendary, you name it, they have done it, from the lookout point at Kimberley's big hole to the heritage renovation of the Potato Shed originating from Johannesburg”s humble beginnings. The Structural steel- and sundry steelwork components of Shopping Centres, showrooms, Casinos and Hospitals is the “where do we not have to think about it - Contracts, just do it Contracts” where they have proved, either with Ludick Construction or as Sub Contractors for the W.B.H.O’s, LTA’s of the world, that they do not have their equal in the ‘’getting the work done” category.

LEM CONSTRUCTION C.C. is the Shopfitting component of the LEM Group and they do ceilings and partitions, shop fitting of Tenant installations, specialised shop fitting and any related action pertaining to finishes. We cannot think of a Shop or trade name that they did not participate in yet, and combine this discipline now with the strengths of Ludick Construction and Braam Staal, then it is clear that we offer a service that nobody can equal.
Therefore it is no wonder that the majority of our Projects are negotiated with Clients that are enlightened and open to the whole synergy of an in-house, on hands, Project Developing team.


Bulk earthworks, Aluminium work, Plumbing- , Mechanical- and Electrical services:
We treat people with respect and integrity; therefore all proper and decent Contractors like to work with us. With this background, we are proud to say that we established an in-house relationship with the above disciplines and for all practical purposes, they are considered as an in-house trade that we offer to Clients as well.


There were many deals before and definitely we are not the inventors of ingenious deals, but we are trusted to do many of our Contracts as design -supply Contracts, with an additional twist, some of them are lump sum Contracts!

We are confident to offer you a design and supply Contract, and we can, but do not have to, assist you with Architectural-, Mechanical-, Structural and Civil- , Fire- or any other Consulting service that you may require. If you as Client prefer it, we can work with your Consultants with a design input from us to your benefit. Obviously we prefer you to come directly to us and many Contracts are done with basic input from an Architect or Engineer for example (it is advisable to have an overseeing Quantity Surveyor from the Client, we need him so that you know that your interests are protected and we welcome this). A building cost a certain amount, and even with our pro-activeness we cannot do it for less than cost, but factors we can control are the Programme (we save money as a Group because of shared overheads and good relationships) and Consultant involvement (we will advise when we need them or what we need them for), and there you have the solution on how to construct better with less!

Our references in this regard the past three years only are a design/supply lump sum Contracts for a Shopping Centre (Tower Mall) of R 115 944 232.00, a revamped Shopping Centre (Value Centre, Klerksdorp) of R 40 400 935.00, a Burger King in Potchefstroom (R 7 500 000.00) as a complete shell and internal fit-out with either no Consultants or overseeing Consultants with limited obligations except on what was agreed between the LEM Group and the Client.


What we know is what we believe in and that is to work with passion and proudness, the money to follow or not, will never be our main goal but will always be consequential to our beliefs. We can only control the way we think and do, not the way our Clients think or do. Therefore we follow a simple philosophy, we will be the best Contractors that we can, we hope that you as Client can match our efforts. From the onset, we form a partnership with the Client, and we walk around the table to stand next to him, not opposite him.

The Contractor and the Client are the two parties with a mutual interest and therefore they, as a unit, have to work together to obtain their respective goals. Do we fight with Consultants, of course we do, it is the same as a bad Sub Contractor, and it needs to be dealt with in the same way. The LEM GROUP will not allow a Contract to go sour on behalf of an un-ethical or in-experienced Consultant, we take that obligation to resolve on ourselves, because we know contractually, you as Client is bound to decisions that your Consultants are making and we will not allow that these decisions impact negatively on you as Client.

Of course we deal with it on the same basis as with Sub Contractors, with integrity and respect, a huge reason why the Atterburry’s, Attaq’s , Growthpoint’s and Landmark’s like to have us on board, and therefore the negotiation of Contracts is logical.
It is not about what we do, it is about how we do it.


We have very good relationships with all our Consultants that we ever worked with. They appreciate that their input and energy is focused, and because time is money, working with us is more profitable for them opposed to not working with us.

We trust that you as Client or responsible Consultant will look positively at our unique abilities and our dedication to deliver a successful Project, and irrespective of which approach you decide to take with a Project, take a moment to consider us as a Company with more to offer than the Industry norm.

Louis van Eeden


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