During 1997, the old Bloemfontein based company, Ludick Builders cc, left Louis van Eeden and a few employees, behind to complete retention items at the Klerksdorp City Mall Centre in Klerksdorp.

Louis managed to find other work in the area and from very humble beginnings, he started with about no infra-structure and a workforce less than 15. A few years later, he took over his own bookkeeping duties and in 2005, the final split occurred, when he formed a new company namely:
Ludick Construction (Pty) Ltd.

Why Ludick Constructions (Pty) Ltd?

We have built a reputable name under Ludick Builders cc in the Klerksdorp area, for years being known as ‘Ludick Klerksdorp’ between Suppliers, Clients, Consultants and the rest.

In the meantime the old Bloemfontein Company, Ludick Builders cc went insolvent, which reflects negatively on the newly formed
Ludick Construction (Pty) Ltd, because it is easy to confuse us with them and with the negative connotations surrounding an insolvency. We regret mis-fortune to anybody and this is just to set the record straight, with no other hidden intentions.

At the same time in 2005 we started a Shopfitting Company, CG Shopfitters cc, and bought over a Steel Company, Braam’s Staal cc. Because only a few people are aware of the associated Companies we have started to market the combined companies under the LEM Group, and we will aggressively market this idea until we will become known as the LEM Group amongst Clients and Associated Business Groups.

To start three companies with really no credentials and cash flow to speak of, was a huge step for us and through hard work and dedication, we have managed to survive a not-so-friendly business environment at the time.

Real recognition was established over the past three years and
LEM Group are proud to announce that we have weathered the forces of business establishment via the support and trust of a few prime clients and friends in the construction and allied industries during the times that we needed them most.

This is the precise reason why we sincerely appreciate our philosophy of smart partnerships in making our mark in business which we believe, forms the basis of all future business connections.

Obviously mutual profit motive drives all business but....
LEM Group believe that by forming smart partnerships that’s built on solid pillars of integrity similar to ours ensures the establishment a working relationship where the success of the project at hand overrule individual ego’s, where individual motives are met in a team effort and in which losing isn’t featuring.

The net result hereof is ending in a win-win situation.

“The LEM Group preference is to deal in business relationships with similar viewpoints, if not exactly the same!”



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